Mixed Prints in 4 easy steps!

So it is time to take a little bit of that bravery you have been saving and dip a toe in one of my fav trends … I know it may be a little intimidating, and most don’t know where to start, but oh how rewarding it will be when it all comes together my dears!  Remember to repeat at least one color piece to piece and mix small-scale prints with larger, more attention commanding ones.  I love mixing  leopard with stripes for example (stay tuned for more on that later).  However, for those who would like a gentler descent into this nerve waking, walk on the wild side, try a ubiquitous black and white color palette of dots and stripes or perhaps a softer whisper of neutrals, texture, or pastel prints together.  It really is so much fun loves. ..So shall we mix it up a bit??!!


#1. Choose a leader – your statement piece

#2. Follow that leader – string your outfit together by carrying  at least one color throughout

#3. Keep it together – stay in the same tonal family,  yet venture out with textures also.

#4. Own it, rock it and watch your wardrobe aggregate with exciting  possibility!


In the Details

For all my detail junkies after my very own heart, we have so much to share! I am the first to raise my hand in confession of my penchant for the unique…whether faux fur, leather, mixed metals, studs, lace, superbly executed draping or immaculate stitching, I love it all! And believe you me,each time I peruse the racks, I beeline straight way towards the ONE thing (or several) that arrests my attention, usually to find that one might need to win the lotto to purchase the work of art inches from my fingertips…A sigh escapes…A girl can dream … dream of a walk in worthy of Ms. Bradshaw herself filled with… Well, what would you fill yours with my daring darlings??

12'th St. by Cynthia Vincent    Vince Camuto booties   Vince Camuto earrings