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J McLaughlin Cody Tunic Dress (last season) same dress in Palazzo Paisley Vine print here, Loving this  Seabreeze print here// hat~Sarasota Women’s Exchange// Tory Burch Panama sunnies// Tory Burch Penny wedge (sold out)// Sedona Post drop earrings $34 (use code FFSPRING15 until 4/30/15 for extra 25%OFF)//Heirloom Pearl Deco Necklace $38 (use code FFSPRING15 at checkout until 4/30/15 for extra 25% OFF// Pearl Bracelets ~ gifted from Josh’s mother// clutch ~ Francescas

Happy Monday loves!  I know it has been a little quiet here on the blog the past week and a half… A lot has been happening in this little life of mine. In favor of keeping it candid,  as many of you know, I am in my 4’th year with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis,  back in September I began the transition from  Tysabri (an IV administered infusion drug) to Tecfidera (an oral drug) in December.  Having an autoimmune disease such as MS makes you highly susceptible to infections and the disease modifying drugs they use are immunosuppressive …therefore, this girl ended up with a 3 week case of strep throat amidst intolerable side effects from the Tecfidera.  Fast forward  through more Neuro visits, another washout and plan B (this week) Due to continued chronic migraines with aura, twitching in my left eye accompanied with blurry vision and the increased facial pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia) another MRI is scheduled, an eye exam, then perhaps trying Gilenya. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up are much appreciated!  Hoping this helps someone reading who is going through something similar or perhaps has a family member struggling with finding some kind of normalcy in a very difficult time. Chronic fatigue associated with MS is just that… exhausting and overwhelming. It is often brought on and made worse by heat and humidity. Eliminating stress, having ease of dressing, lack of extra ironing and being able to keep cool in this ungodly hot weather is a must for all of us heat sensitive darlings!

This tunic dress from J McLaughlin is a summer dream for easy, breezy, vacation-chic, south Florida weather!  Each season brings new fabulously fun collections that will take you from polo match to Derby Day …yacht club to island getaway.  In advocacy of sun protection from harmful UV rays, I recommend  donning a lovely sun hat and using self tanners for a radiant glow!  This particular bonnet was such a score from one of my favorite consignment shops The Sarasota Women’s Exchange (supporting the Arts of Sarasota) last year and is a favorite of mine during the summer sauna.  I hope you all are reading this in good health and enjoyed a lovely weekend!  Thank you so much for stopping in again! See you all soon!

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